Monday, November 07, 2005

Hi Junta

I have just started blogging and this is my first ever attempt. I have been reading Blogs for quite some time now, but a blog by aravind krishna where he publishes his short stories has truly inspired me to go for it. I plan to share any creative stuff from my side with you guys through this blog. You can basically find Articles, Stories, Poems, Reviews, Previews and my Views, on this blog. I will start soon.


Anshul said...

Awesome! And considering that its you kama, we have got some very high hopes now! You better not disappoint us!

Oh and by the way, its called "hi junta"! :D

I really hope that you blog often!

Sajeev said...

Hey the story is pretty interesting but the words and grammar can be worked on(atleast in my opinion). The words strike jarring notes instead of flowing in a rhythm.
I have a feeling that the language and style can be polished and to a certain extent simplified so that you don't mess up when it comes to grammar.(Not that anyone cares but I am still a snob when it comes to grammar)
And coming back to the story I think the characters were painted in black and white instead of colour. However considering this is your first effort it is pretty good.(Considering the fact that I am too lazy to blog)
Anyway, way to go!
Looking forward to reading more from you.

Do send me the links for anything else you publish too.