Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My new comp

AMD Athlon 64 3500+
ASUS A8NE Motherboard
160 GB SATA Seagate Barracuda
XFX nVidia 7600 GT 256 MB XXX Edition card
5.1 Creative Inspire Speakers
7.1 Creative Inspire Sound Card
17" CRT Samsung Flat
Zebroinics ATX Cabinet
Logitech Cordless Mouse and Keyboard
Sony DVD Writer + 1.44 MB FDD
Pinnacle TV Tuner Media Center Card

A complete gaming freak i am...and this is a Mid range rig to play all the new games like HL2, FEAR on more than decent graphics settings...

It costed me around 70 K


Anshul said...

Woah man! Perfect choice... except the Pinnacle of course... I have the Pinnacle and its a pain I could have lived wiothout! That mobo sure rocks... Overclocks like magic... How far did your 3500 go with it?


Y.Kamesh Rao said...

hey anshul,

thanks man...

i am yet to overclock it....waiting for lil while before i null the warranty..:)

and even i feel pain in my ass with the crappy pinnacle thingy

Anshul said...

Duh! Where's the fun if you dont overclock it! That rig is built to be overclocked! But then, this is Nagpur... so I dunno really how warranty and support work here... So perhaps you are right to wait this out... I sure wouldn't have been able to resist!

Anonymous said...

Nice rig! Couldnt've wait more longer for Core Duo? ehh..! :P
With that budget, you could have tried for XMS modules! ;) Whats the powersource for these eaters?? U didn't mention that! And how much wattage? By the way, excellent choice for GPU! Fatality from XFX could've been a much better to overclock!
One more thing, what are the Futuremark and RTHDRIBL results? If possible, give OMR links for them!