Friday, June 02, 2006

"It's the darkest before dawn"

The following is a paragraph crafted by my friend Rohit Sharma...
But he is too lazy to blog it or bring it to the light of the day...
You can post him comments on this address -


I had reached the fag end of my struggle with life and had decided upon the ultimate. Before plunging into the darkness I found myself buying time, gazing into the vastness that the nature has bestowed upon me, through the sole window in my room. The dim light from the candle never looked so powerful, amazed as I was looking at its will to burn against the monstrous storm outside. A tiny ant, struggling to achieve an impossible task to carry a crumb double its weight caught my attention. As simple as these things were, meaningful vibes that were coming from them lead me towards light.
The storm has stopped, paving it way to the dawn, the candle won the battle against the storm and finally the crumb mounted the ant reluctantly. That's when I realized the true meaning of the saying "It's the darkest before dawn".

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