Friday, June 02, 2006

Woh saazish thi chandni ki.....

"Yeh saazish hai boondon ki" ....the most melodious and lyrically, wonderfully composed song of "Fanna" fills the screen as I watch the late night show of the movie in a so called AC theatre of the city. Technically crafted rain drops pouring over the beautifully poised Zooni(Kajol) and Rehaan(Aamir) along with the music and words teleport me to the moonlit night when everything was just perfect as it was in this scene.

It was a Saturday night and I was stuffed with delicious meal and prepared for the night event in the society. I was least interested in the event but my gal said that she would meet me up during the event for our date that night. I was looking forward to the date with baited breath and cared a damn about the show. But for the reader’s convenience, it was the annual cultural event organized by the society to flaunt the talent hidden in the ward.

By the time I reached for the program, it was too late and all the back seats were full. Regretfully, I took the second row seat and was looking for my gal, to go away from this as soon as possible. But, she was nowhere to find. The first two programs of the event excluding the inaugural non-sense speeches were over and I was still sitting all alone. Being a short tempered person, I started fuming with rage that she was letting me go through all this crap all alone. But everything became clear when the shitty speakers of the local event manager sounded the open air theatre with the beautiful voice of my gal. I looked towards the microphone on the stage to find my gal standing there with two of her friends who were equally gorgeous and charming, singing out a delightful track from oldies. I was flat. I was bowled over at this act of my gal. After finishing off the act, her eyes asked me to come over to the green room. I went there and we moved for the building terrace of D wing away from both of our homes for our date.

At first there was no talk, both of us were staring the moon with our hands entangled into each other’s. I could feel the warmth in our contact tonight. I broke the silence by thanking her for the lovely gift of a song. I was trying to be filmy. And knowing me well she teased me to don’t try and push my luck harder and that it was a normal performance and no gift and all. I knew this and laughed it out. Then I threw another corny filmy line “aaj chaand kitna khoob dikh raha hai”. To this one she said nothing and joined with me in staring the moon. The moon was actually shining the brightest I have ever seen it in my entire lifetime. Was it the moon or was it something else? We were silent for another few minutes when she sparked the fourth dialogue of the scene.

“Did you like the song?”

“I never heard it. I was staring your friends. Both of them were looking soooo hot.”

“haan…haan…chal…jyada hoshiyaar mat ban….”, she said teasingly.

“I loved your song. I didn’t know you sung so well. I seriously think you should try the next ‘Indian Idol’.”

She smiled and said nothing. We were silent again. I held her even closer to me and the warmth was now getting hotter. I caressed her hands. Everything was too perfect. The moonlit night. The ambience. The cool breeze stroking our hairs. The stage was set. It was going to be a night both us would never forget if I don’t make any mistakes. Only I have to take the initiative. I turned her face towards me and looked into her eyes. I asked for her permission and in reply she closed her eyes. And I had my first kiss.


Soumendra said...

You reminded me of something Mr Emerson said in "A Room with a View" about how rarely love is answered with love.

I sincerely hope that everything you wrote did happen.

Y.Kamesh Rao said...

Well what forms the plot for this writing did actually happen and most of the things leading to it also did...but there is always some deviation from what actually happens and what is written else it won't be read